Picture the carefree toss of a Yak's sacred tail,
the quiet curl and rumble of a glacial-fed river,
or the sunset turning a snow-white summit into fire,
this is Nepal.
Imagine people born deep in the Himalayas,
displaying the wisdom and patience of these
mountains in every smile,
this is Nepal.
Nepal is a treasure box
waiting to be opened.
From the sub-tropical jungle and
the birthplace of Lord Buddha,
to the high alpine deserts
of Upper Mustang,
every inch of this country
has a miracle to offer
and an adventure to propose.
Whether navigating the twisted streets
and bazaars of Kathmandu,
or the smooth summit
of a Himalayan peak,
Nepal is an explorer's paradise.

There are wild rivers waiting to be run, birds and wildlife to be discovered,
and mountains to be climbed.

There are foods, smells and sights
that are beyond your imagination.
Nepal is a mosaic of corners,
each one waiting to be looked around, each waiting to give you
the experiance of a lifetime.
Treat yourself to adventure,
learning and happiness.
Come with us to Nepal,
it will change your world.
Nepal is a handful of secrets, with the palm held open.
Open your hand. Look at it.
To those who know how,
the valleys and ridges found there
spell out the course and song of your entire life.
Nepal is also an open palm,
waiting to be looked into and discovered.
Almost every valley and
every open plain in Nepal
has its own unique culture and
stories just like your palm.
It is only a question of where to begin,
where does this mysterious land begin
to change your life.
Nepal has over 60 distinct ethnic groups
with 49 different languages amongst them.
Nepal also marks the blissful confluence and
harmony of Tantric Buddhism and Hinduism.
Some say there are as many temples,
as there are houses in Kathmandu.
One can find the colorful Tharu people
of the southern jungle and the rugged nomads of
Dolpo within a span of less than 150 miles.
The jovial mountainside Sherpas and the
brilliant Newari craftsmen of
Kathmandu valley can be brought
together with only a short flight.
Nepal is as intricate as our own finger prints,
and equally grabbing.

The most direct path to the heart of Nepal must be taken by foot.
Just one hour's walk outside the city, a spell is cast and everything changes.
The Himalayas tower overhead, their summits scrape the sky at staggering heights.
Rivers twist and turn through deep valleys and over hidden waterfalls.
Every step we take into the rural hills of Nepal,
every snowy pass we cross,
and every village we sleep in brings us
closer to understanding and possessing a fragment
of the power and beauty of these mountains,
and that of the people who live in their shadows.
Let us know what your
ambitions are,
we can arrange a short,
day walk, to luxurious,
strolls off the beaten path,
to month long, strenous treks.
Our services offer you
years of experience,
the pinnacle of comfort,
and convenience therein.
Picture waking up to a steaming cup of tea at sunrise,
and seeing the snowy flanks of the Himalayas
burning red through the flaps of your tent.
At the break of dawn,
breakfast is served,
and the day begins in the cool of the morning, and any ups and downs are made easy
by the patient support of your guides and porters.
Lunch is waiting on the shores of a dark, blue river, and by mid-afternoon, you will be comfortably
settled in camp, aching with the pleasure of a long, beautiful walk. As the sun goes down,
dinner is served, and then comes the
sweet sleep of the satisfied.
This is a typical day traveling with Nepal Treks & Natural History Expeditions,
our own trekking company that specializes in full-service treks,
where our guests are able to experience the mighty Himalayas easily and safely.
Nepal's radical geography and location, provides a haven for birds. Thus, Nepal has become a major migration route,
and a bird-watcher's paradise.
One out of every ten birds in existence,
can be found within the tiny borders,
with a staggering amount, just over 800 species.
From migratory waterfowl, and the indigenous spiny babbler,
to the mighty Himalayan griffin and colorful peacocks.
Nowhere else on earth can you find large predators,
such as the Bengal Tiger,
and the elusive snow leopard in such close proximity. Innumerable butterflies, deer species,
crocodiles and the rare one-horned rhinoceros,
can be found by those who dare to look.
Spring sets this country a blaze with over 30 species
of bright rhododendron and 300 species of orchids.
Only a few hours from Kathmandu,
is Royal Chitwan National Park,
one of the premier wildlife parks in Asia,
famous for its successful restoration
of the endangered one-horned rhinoceros population.
Situated in the lowlands eastern Nepal, this wildlife reserve lies on the shores
of the Sapta Koshi, Nepal's largest river
and one of the Ganges' main tributaries.

Koshi Tappu sets itself apart
from the other national parks,
in that its population consists
of the nearly extinct,
wild water buffalo,
the rare gangetic dolphin,
and the 280 species
of migratory waterfowl,
that make this their winter home.
Bardia National Park is the largest remaining tract of wilderness in the Terai, amounting to nearly 1,000 square kilometers. Located on the Karnali river in far western Nepal, this park sees many less visitors than Chitwan, but is home to the same luxurious facilities and big game. Bardia National Park is perfect tiger habitat, and your chances of viewing one in the wild here are better than anywhere else in the world.
It is only a question of where to begin.
of which languages to learn first,
and which to come back to.
Kathmandu is the wild and beautiful heart
of this remarkable country.
The narrow and twisted streets are teeming with life.
Nearly every street leads to an ancient temple or bazaar,
Women hang out of ancient wood carved windows,
and tall, brick buildings lean in, as if to get a better view
of the amazing life in the streets below.
Kathmandu is a fantastic place filled with unusual sights,
ones that can place you between dream and reality.
Although Boudhanath Stupa
is now surrounded by a rapidly
growing Kathmandu
there is always a quiet mountain
breeze flirting with prayer flags.
One of the many miracles here,
Boudhanath is one of the largest,
Buddhist stupas in the world,
and is also the center
for many Tibetan and Buddhist
communities now living here.
Patan is an ancient city,
adjacent to Kathmandu.
The sisters are separated
by the holy Bagmati river.
Patan is famous for
its magnificent artwork,
immaculately preserved
temples and ts brass work,
where artisans use
beeswax, heat and
hammers to turn
simple metal into
living sculpture.
The western side of the valley is guarded by
the ancient hilltop shrine of Swayambunath,
said to have been built on the site where a legendary
lotus blossom first emerged from the long ago lake.
The medieval city of Bhaktapur remains
the most authentically in touch with its rural heritage.
The streets are filled with all sorts of people,
doing all sorts of things; drying grain,
making pottery and dyeing wool.
The feeling is intensely busy yet deeply harmonius.
Pashupatinath is an immense Hindu temple complex, dedicated to the Lord Shiva.
Situated on the banks of the sacred Bagmati river, Pashupatinath is ageless,
statues date back to the Third Century and wild devotees, sadhus,
emerge in the early morning mist and wander throughout the maze of temples.
The Solu Khumbu region in Eastern Nepal is home to the famous Sherpas
and the most famous mountain in the world, Mount Everest.
One can spend their trek searching for the fabled yeti
in the remote Rowaling valley,
or chasing the glory and mystique of the thousands
of climbers on the famous expedition route
to Everest Base Camp.
Treks range from week long jaunts into glacier country,
and majestic high alpine desert,
situated at the base of the tallest mountains in the world,
to full blown expeditions comprised of laborious months
filled with exploring and climbing.
A trek into this high and remarkable Sagamartha National Park,
will be unforgettable no matter how you choose to accomplish it.
Just north of Kathmandu lies a magical place, home to sacred lakes,
countless Buddhist gompas and neck-cricking mountain views.
Here, the traveler is a guest of the beautiful Tamang and Yolu people,
who have filled these valleys with their bright culture and cheerful nature for centuries.
The Langtang is a valley full of beauty and history, legend and religion.
The sacred lakes at Gosaikund,
are home to one of Hinduís most powerful,
and revered deity, the Lord Shiva.
The rolling hills of the Helambu,
keep oneís eyes and mind filled to capacity
with beautiful rhododendrons trees,
an array of birds and smiling faces.
Treks here range from an easy walk,
to intense climbing and pass-hopping,
and can last anywhere from just under
a week to more than twenty days.
Whenever you leave this enchanted area,
you will think it is too soon.
Upper Mustang, the forbidden kingdom, is situated high on the Tibetan plateau.
Autonymous until 1951, the first visitors were allowed to visit Mustang only in 1991.
Here, dry winds blow every afternoon through the almost endless desert,
blowing mantras and the smell of juniper incense across walled cities and the tents of nomads.
This breathtaking area remains strikingly true to its roots in Old Tibet.
The Loba inhabitants have their own style of living,
their own form of Buddhism,
and a character that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.
Upper Mustang is still a restricted area,
requiring a special permit,
thus, this trek is more expensive than others.
However, traveling into Mustang is both an
experience and a privilege,
one that only few have had,
and none will ever forget.
It is an honor for us to provide you with a gateway
to this enchanted and forgotten land.
Adventure sports are just beginning to pick up speed in Nepal.
If you are searching for that ultimate rush, or just a bit of high adventure to top off your
Himalayan experience, you will have no trouble finding it here. One can rappel, swim,
and climb through forbidden canyons near the Tibetan border; bungee jump deep into a
tropical gorge; or soar into the shadows of Annapurna on a paraglider or ultralight.
So, come on! Life is short, why not treat your heart to a bit of exercise?
Nepal is a breathtaking country when viewed from the groundÖ imagine seeing it from the air! Dozens of mountain flights leave daily from Kathmandu and Pokhara,
taking you in comfort to the very edges of the tallest mountains in the world.
One can weave through the majestic Annapurna massif,
or circle around Everest from a distance of only
five nautical miles - which is close enough
to make out climbers! Seeing the Himalayas
from the air is guaranteed to take your breath away.
The winding foot trails that have served as main transportation routes
for centuries have been rediscovered, as some of the
best single track mountain bike trails in the world.
Nepal is quickly becoming a Mecca
for serious gearheads and easy rollers alike.
Cruise on dirt roads,
through villages with smiling faces everywhere,
or screaming down the longest downhill in the world.
You can spend anywhere from one hour,
up to a few weeks in the saddle,
accompanied by professional guides and support staff. Seeing Nepal by bike will put the wind in your hair,
and brings you to places
that are difficult to reach otherwise.
It also make the ups a little easier,
and the downs a whole lot more fun!
A new era of recreational aviation has landed in Nepal. Discover the magic of this simple, elemental, pure flight. Feel the wind in your face, observe clear, unobstructed views and explore the stunning landscapes, surrounded by a backdrop of lofty mountain peaks.
If you've always wanted to fly, you have come to the right spot. New to Nepal, this leap of faith wills jumpstar an already growing adrenaline sport industry. Balance yourself on the
suspension bridge nestled within the mountains,
high above the river.
Raw energy begins to flow through the steel planks,
then comes your six seconds of adrenaline.
Nepal has been known for itís mountains for over a century.
It has only been recently that the roar of Nepalís mighty rivers has fallen
upon public ears. The immense vertical drop between glaciers high in the Himalaya and the flood plains of the low-land Terai region makes for some of the best and most scenic whitewater runs on Earth. Nepal has over twenty professionally-run rivers, each with itís own voice and character.
Whether you are a river veteran or a
beginner looking to get a little wet,
these rivers are calling to you.
Trips can range in length from 2 days to 2 weeks.
Our friendly and professional staff
will make sure that your days are
filled with spray and sunshine,
and your evenings with song and delicious food.
Seeing Nepal from the water can also bring you to some
of the most remote corners of this country where you can
witness just how this country was carved,
and how it is currently shaped.
The water is running, and thereís no time to lose. Come on aboard! Listen, learn, and get wet!
The latest adrenaline cocktail of choice is canyoning.
An extreme activity that involves abseiling, sliding, jumping,
and climbing down steep canyon walls,
alongside a waterfall, through powerful blasts of water,
past wild rock formations to deep pools
that lay within the walls of the mammouth boulders.
Swim into narrow passages and rest on pebble beaches
made smooth by the constant crashing of the waves.
This is hidden to the few, the bold and the courageous
This unique combination of skills gives you the freedom to explore
some of the most ruggedly beautiful, yet forbidden places in the world.
A safari allows you to experience firsthand,
the rugged terrain of the sub-tropical jungles
of the southern Terai, an oasis of wonders.
Mornings can be spent watching rhinos make their way through the dense river fog,
and afternoons walking deep into the jungle,
in pursuit of exotic birds and wildlife.
Elephants extend their strong trunks,
effortlessly carry you on their backs,
and glide silently through the savanna.
If you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse
of the elusive Royal Bengal tiger.
Evenings are spent watching the sun burn on the horizon,
and falling asleep to the sounds of the jungle.
The park is teeming both with exotic flora and fauna,
and the colorful culture of the local Tharu people.
The park is home to over 500 species of birds,
tigers, sloth bears and crocodiles to name but a few.
Going on a jungle safari here,
is the ultimate combination of
exploration, discovery, and comfort.
Although this wildlife reserve sees less tourists,
the experience is worthwhile and more intimate.

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