Specializing in the higher Himalayan areas of India, Darjeeling,
Sikkim, Ladakh and Zanskar, each exuding their own individual flavor,
and unified by stunning mountain views and rich Tibetan Buddhist history.
In Northern India lies Dharamshala,
the center of the Tibetan Government in Exile,
and the home of the 14th Dalai Lama.
Here, in-depth Tibetan language classes,
intense lectures on Buddhism,
lend themselves to some of the most relaxing,
purifying ways to pass your time.
An independent kingdom
until 1975, Sikkim was
annexed into India and
has the most difficult access.
Sikkim still cherishes
its independent past,
and the people and heritage
found here are truly unique.
The Buddhist religious
practice is heavily influenced
by the large population
of Nepali immigrants and
Nepali language is primarily
spoken here. Sikkim remains
one of the most unexplored
areas in India.
The state of Ladakh is the boundary
between the high Himalayan peaks and
the Tibetan plateau. Known as "Little Tibet,"
is one of the most remote in India.
Darjeeling is a magical city, perched high upon a ridge,
with stunning views
of the eastern Himalayas, including Kachenjunga.
the third highest
peak in the world.

Darjeeling, known throughout
the world for its
premium quality tea.
The wide range of
mountain cultures that have assimilated here,
have given Darjeeling
a flavor all it's own.
There is no place on earth like India and no two places are the same.
From high alpine meadows, to tropical rain forests, combined with the sheer size,
the diversity is staggering. It is difficult even to find an adequate metaphor
for this mystical and wild, yet delicate country.
India is a prayer flag, snapping in the mountain wind.
The birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism,
there is an inexpressibly spiritual quality to this country.
A quality you can see in the magnificent architecture
of the countless temples, gompas, and mosques.
It is something you can feel in the cool,
mountain breezes of Ladakh and Darjeeling,
and something that glimmers in the eyes
of every saffron robed Buddhist Lama,
and devoted Hindu Pilgrim.
Whether your quest is to visit the home
in exile of the Dalai Lama,
or to follow the holy Ganges
to the sea, or whether you are searching
for Nirvana, or Moksha,
or just passing through,
India's spirituality is unavoidable.
India is a snow leopard, stepping quietly across
a frozen ridge.
The high Tibetan borderlands
of Ladakh, Sikkim and Darjeeling boast some of
the most remote and
beautiful treks in
the entire Himalaya.
Ladakh is one of the few remaining enclaves of
the culture of Old Tibet.
Sikkim has recently opened to foreign travel, and much of this wild, rugged country
is still waiting to be explored.
At the foot of Kachenjunga rests Darjeeling,
a pure combination of
history, exotic terrain and culture.
India is a museum. Every road leads
to a temple, and its' rich history,
and ethnic diversity has blessed
this country with an ancient, yet living network of art and architecture.
India is a bicycle
on a summer evening.
The colors, aroma,
and the people
are all unique,
and can teach
each of us something
about this world.
In the same way that watching the sunrise
over a quiet desert, or the wide expanse
of an ocean can take our breath away,
watching the crimson light swathe over
the holy Ganges river,
can leave one shuddering.
India is a star, twinkling in the black night.
India is heavenly, is something to wish upon.
India is a dream that we can reach for you.
Ladakh boasts some of the
most scenic and remote,
remote, and rewarding
in the Himalaya.
Treks can be as
short as three days,
but trips of a week or more are significanly more rewarding.
In Ladakh, the snow
never completely melts,
and gray rivers have
worked steep canyons like
crow’s feet into the rocky earth.
Treks here lead through
alpine meadows and over
spectacular high passes,
and all trekking here is highlighted
by the colorful Ladakhi people.
Derived from sanskrit, ‘Sikkim’means crested,
and scarcely an inch of this country is flat.
This makes for challenging trekking,
and hidden amongst Sikkim’s dramatic landscape,
are countless turquoise lakes,
and pristine Buddhist monasteries,
making the uphill more than worthwhile.
Treks here can be as little four days,
and up to two weeks for the adventurers.
India has some of the most remote,
and spectacular walks,
from short excursions around Darjeeling,
to wild adventures in the remote valleys of Zanskar.
Trek to the base of India’s highest mountain,
Nanda Devi and to the eastern side
of Kachenjunga, the world’s third highest peak.

The people here are famous for intricate,
Buddhist temples and colorful festivals.
Every year, thousands of spectators are drawn
to Ladakh to watch the fluidity of the
hypnotic mask and sword dances.
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