Lately, the entire world seems to be drawn to Tibet.
This land of miracles on the roof of the world,
has captured our attention and our hearts as well.
There is a good reason for this,
Tibet is unlike anywhere else on earth.
Nestled in the high plains,
north of the mighty Himalayas,
with an average elevation of 4,500m, and corrugated with monstrous rivers and centuries of rippled stone.
Tibet is more rugged and beautiful, than even the most,
wind-swept imagination.
Out of this ruggedness,
was born a people,
and a culture
based upon strength,
beauty and celebration.

The essence of Tibet rises higher, than the sacred Qomolangma,
and is calling the spirit
within us all,
to witness this forbidden land.
From Mt. Kailash
which some beleive
is the center
of the universe,
to the Dali Lama's
former palace
in Lhasa,
Tibet is dusted
with mystery
and seclusion.
in Tibet,
right now, a bell is ringing out across an empty plain.
Somewhere in Tibet, people are chanting,
blowing horns, and reading ageless scriptures.
Somewhere in Tibet, a nomad is closing her eyes as she blows into the red coals of
her tiny fire…Somewhere in Tibet there is an experience waiting.
Somewhere in Tibet your life will change.
The life of a Tibetan,
is balanced upon 1,300 years of history and heritage,
as religion and culture are the focal points.
Above this high plateau,
is a sky wider than anywhere else on earth,
and dry breezes that whisper out of seemingly nowhere.
This massive space, this blessed land,
is the birthplace of Tantric Buddhism,
and has fathered some of the most spiritually, powerful figures in contemporary society.
In this world that grows smaller,
and more cluttered with each day,
the wisdom of a people,
born of empty spaces,
becomes increasingly more important.
Every inch of the Tibetan landscape is sacred.
In the morning, one can hear the joyous sounds
of brass cymbals and intricate horns,
accompained by monks reading from sacred 'pustak', ancient hand-written texts that form the base
of all Tibetan Buddhist teachings.
Tibetans sing their own songs.
There are songs for work,
songs for drinking, love songs,
and songs for throwing dice, to name but a few.
These light melodies are made sweeter with the accompaniment of a four-stringed tungna.
Another stunning element are the nomads.
Thousands of people devote their lives,
to following the seasons,
and their livestock to rich, grazing lands.
The culture of Tibet is as sacred, intricate, and elegant as a
thanka painting. There is as much depth, color, and mystery.
Tibet is a country for the nomad.
The central high plains and mountains to the south,
the sacred lakes and monasteries are waiting
for those who travel by foot.
Trekking gives one who seeks adventure
a chance to explore the folds of this land,
with a freedom not found
on the well-traveled routes.
One can walk for three days
to ancient ruins in the plains,
or one can circumnavigate
the sacred Nam-Tso Lake for twenty days.
Those who desire to view
the world's tallest mountain
from the secluded northern side,
will be awe struck by their pure beauty.
Mount Kailash, one of the most sacred sites in the world,
the center of the Tantric Buddhist universe,
If you follow the holy pilgrimage route,
and walk clockwise around the mountain
for three days,
it is said to erase your life's sins.
Trekking in Tibet is an experience,
as full service camping treks, are the only option.
Yaks and porters carry the gear,
and our professional cooks and guides,
make sure you never lack an excuse,
to enjoy a savory meal, or an outstanding view.
This forgotten land was crtafted by the hand of something holy,
whethe that be a God or a glacier, is of little importance.
Regardless of the dimensions of your faith, or the color of your spirituality,
trekking in Tibet will change youor life and your heart.
There is history, there are spirits and a rugged destiny waiting for your part in.
the home of the Hindu destroyer, Lord Shiva,
and the source of the holy Ganges river.
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