There are no roads to Shangri La,
it is a place within us all.
It's there when our mind drifts away,
and plays on the inside of our eyelids as we sleep. It's a place we each must build our own roads to.

If your vision includes a visit
to a sacred shrine
perched high atop a hill,
feeling a kiss of spray
from a turquoise river,
as you shoot through the rapids,
or watching an orange fireball, bursting into a sunrise,
over the blindingly, white Himalayas,
we can make it happen.
If your dreams include places that are
far away, remote and exotic,
imagine the dry, arid, plains of Tibet,
the isolated Kingdom of Bhutan,
or the multitude of people and colors of India,
we can help you experience them.
If you fall asleep with visions
of walking deep into the Himalayas,
or watching the breeze flirt with prayer flags
on a hidden Buddhist temple.
If you desire to find that raven's feather,
or receive a blessing from a lama,
designing your tour with Kathmandu Travels &Tours,
Come travel with us and discover,
your own paradise.
can make all of this tangible.
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